JERRY UHUO is a Political Scientist, Philosopher, Public servant and Public Affairs Commentator. He holds a PhD in Political Science and Social Sciences of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Bachelor of Philosophy Degree from the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. He holds Certificate in Journalism and has undergone many other professional courses during his years of public service.

He has travelled to over 50 countries across five continents of the world.
• He served as Special Assistant to late Senator Vincent Usulor, 1999 to 2003
• President General of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Abuja for 10 years (1998 to 2008) during which he facilitated employment to over 100 Ebonyians into Federal Civil Service
• He coordinated all receptions and welcome party to all distinguished Ebonyians who were elected or appointed into National Legislature and other political positions and provided them with blue print for action in public service in the manner that would benefit Ebonyi state sons.
• He fought for the elevation of Ebonyians in Federal Civil Service into the position of Directors/Permanent Secretaries in public service in Abuja
• He conducted the first research to find out the number of Ebonyians in Federal Civil Service in all MDAs with a view to eliminating those from other states who took positions belonging to Ebonyi in the federal service.

In Nigeria’s public service, he served as an administrator, during which he rose from Principal Administrative officer to a Deputy Director in the National Assembly Service during which he was Editor of the National Assembly Legislative Digest Magazine, an official publication of the National Assembly, for ten years.
He also held position of Desk Officer of International Development Agencies that partnered with the National Assembly for capacity building, such as the European commission Technical Support to Nigeria and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) technical support to the National Assembly.

He was Desk Officer of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) among others.

He is a Principal Partner of different NGOs including Civil Society Initiative for Youth Development, Justice for Widows and Child Education Foundation etc.

Dr. Uhuo has to his credit over one hundred articles published in reputable Newspapers and Journalists, over five Books and other reading materials.

He is a family man with wife she children.